Welcome to the Northview Knights Choir Page!  We are a very proud and hard-working choral department that is working to achieve excellence as well as to "move" our audiences with our passion for creating beautiful music.  Please check out our calendar link for upcoming performances.  Thank you for supporting these wonderful students and we look forward to seeing you at our concerts!

Mrs. Brenda Buchanan

Northview H.S. Choral Director

Northview High School Choirs

Northview H.S. Administration and Fine Arts Staff:

We thank you so much for your support of the choral program!!!

Fine Arts Chair/Choral Director: Mrs. Buchanan

Band Director: Mr. Josh Miller

Assistant Band Director: Brandon Anderson

Ruth Ann Medworth:  Colorguard/Winterguard

Principal:  Mr. Christopher Mauk

Assistant Principal: Mr. Pete Kikta

Assistant Principal:  Mrs. Debbie Zimmerman